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  • All applications will be reviewed and application statuses emailed by 5-4-2018.
  • If accepted into the crew team, you will be provided a crew badge to work Imperial Commissary Collectors Convention (ICCC).
  • If you purchased a regular ICCC ticket prior to being selected as ICCC crew, your ticket will be refunded after you serve as a Crew member

For any general questions, please send a note to

By submitting this form, I acknowledge the following:

Name *
I understand this is a paid position and I can have my position relinquished if I behave in an inappropriate manner before or during ICCC or fail to complete my assignments.
When working as part of 2018 crew, I represent the ICCC’s customer service team. As such, I will behave in a professional and appropriate manner when interacting with fellow crew and staff members, guests, vendors, exhibitors and most importantly fans.
If accepted to the 2018 crew team, I will prepare for my role on my own time and read important updates from the crew team managers.
I understand that ICCC2018 runs from Friday, September 14th – Saturday, September 15th 2018, and that some shifts begin as early as 6:00 AM and end as late as 11:00pm. I confirm that I am eligible and available to work a minimum of two (2) 5-6 hour shifts at ICCC 2018. If my schedule changes where I am unavailable to work, the ICCC staff reserves the right to give my position to another applicant.
By September 14, 2018 will you be 21 years of age or older?
If Yes, tell us about your experience.
What assignment(s) did you complete at the event(s) listed above?
What skills or relevant experience can you contribute to the ICCC Crew?
What Customer Service/Retail experience have you had in the past?
What experience do you have with public speaking?
What experience do you have working with and/or directing large crowds of people?
A fan is very frustrated with things and is becoming increasingly hostile towards you, what is the most appropriate way to respond?
A line has begun forming in an area adjacent to the one you are assigned, it is blocking pathways and beginning to appear hazardous. How do you approach the situation?
What do you think is the most important key to creating an amazing convention experience?