a convention for collectors by collectors

a convention for collectors by collectors

What is ICCC?

A Convention For Collectors By Collectors
IC Collectors Convention is a convention for EVERYONE that collects Toys, from Aliens to Voltron with plenty of Star Wars mixed in! 
My mission is to have the first convention ever by collectors for collectors. This means free parking, and waters that aren't 8 bucks! With a VIP area that has free food and doesn't cost a fortune, many seats for sitting to talk with friends or listen to a collectors panels. Tons of vendors, vintage toys, artists, authors, panelists, movie props, interactive activities, fun activities for kids, huge Guest Stars signing autographs, and a BAND! (It is Music City!) A Convention that will give a FREE table to costume groups, Facebook groups, or any club that grows the collecting hobby. Friday, September 14th will be the early entry for VIP only. Saturday, September 15th will be the big day for everyone! See you in September! #ICCC2018 -IC


Who's Running the Show? This Guy! 

I'm Michael Havens, the Creator of The Imperial Commissary.  I am a collector of Vintage toys and I love conventions. There are none in Nashville (where I live) but now there is, ICCC! The ICCC is an annual convention, where collectors, cosplayers, and Stars from all over the world can come to Nashville Tennessee! I started collecting when I was young, I boxed it all up and got into Football and College. In 2012 my wife bought me a Luke Storm trooper for Christmas and the rest was history.  I got my items back from Mom's house and started collecting tons. Now I run 18 Facebook Groups involving collecting, I have a podcast. Come with me as we journey together into a larger world! #ICCC2018 MTFBWY! -IC

The Imperial Commissary